ORBIT© (the Manufacturer) warrants to the Buyer the satisfactory operation of its products for the period of five years from Purchase (the invoice date).

Within the guarantee period any defects with ORBIT© products as a result of faulty materials or workmanship will be rectified free of charge.

ORBIT© reserves the right to rectify the fault by repair, exchange or replacement. Intervention cost on site will not be covered, unless agreed and accepted by ORBIT© in writing.


The warranty does not cover and the Manufacturer will not be liable for:

  • Damage on parts and materials subject to continuous wear;
  • Damage resulting from outside use of the Manufacturer’s products;
  • Problems resulting from external causes such as accident, abuse, misuse, mishandling, negligence, fire, theft, vandalism, riot, explosion, natural disaster, or other external causes unrelated to the product defect;
  • Conditions demonstrating faulty installation, misapplication, extreme environmental conditions beyond those defined in the product specification, under/over voltage situations, lack of compliance with applicable instructions, improper or inadequate handling, maintenance, negligence, accident or tampering; FOR LED FIXTURES IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO TOUCH OR CLEAN THE LED ARRAY AND TO REMOVE ALL POSSIBLE INSULATION MATERIAL AND/OR PROVIDE SUFFICIENT VENTILATION SO THAT THE MAX Tc IS NOT SURPASSED.
  • Incompatibility, improper design, operation or maintenance of products not supplied by the Manufacturer;
  • Situations in which manufacturer’s control gear and or any parts are replaced with those from other manufacturers;
  • The quality of the installation of Manufacturer products by the installer of those products;
  • Small defects having negligible effect in value or operation.


The warranty does not apply to any other claims (for instance additional cost incurred by the customer) unless agreed and accepted by ORBIT© in writing.

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